Mining and Geological Consulting

Our mining and geological consulting services, available for all stages of the “Mining Value Chain”, combine operational experience and specific technical knowledge for the design of mining operations in small, medium and large organizations.

Geology and Resource Assessment
Mining value chain begins with the exploration and geology of the mineral deposit and the interpretation of the information obtained. Successful mine design depends on selecting the most suitable method for the exploitation of the specific mineral deposit.

Geology services:

  • Preparation and application for complaints and agreements with authorities.
  • Exploration management, including systematized registration and data processing.
  • Structural interpretation and definition of the opening domain/zone.
  • Underground, trench mapping and geological characterization.
  • Modeling of the ore body (generation, verification and updating).
  • Block model optimization.

Resources and Reserves Estimation

  • Geological and geostatistical models.
  • Resources and reserves estimation.
  • SAMREC, JORC and NI43-101 audits.
  • Review of mineral reserves and their reconciliation.
  • Control of laws.

Mining Engineering
Our consulting and design services for mining methods and associated infrastructure for surface and underground operations include:

  • Selection and design of mining methods.
  • Selection and specification of mining equipment.
  • Comparative studies of technologies.
  • Preliminary studies: specific mining projects (mining and financial analysis), components example Piques.
  • Technical support in the definition of mining scopes within EPCM contracts.
  • Technical audits and review of the mining process.
  • Feasibility studies and management of multidisciplinary mining projects.

Mine Design and Simulation
Based on planning, programming and mining simulation. We use advanced mine planning and simulation software to attend:

  • Evaluation of mine design criteria.
  • Three-dimensional designs and distribution of mining infrastructure.
  • Design and programming of production profile and mining optimization.
  • Development of mining plans as support in mine conversion.

Geotechnical Engineering and Rock Mechanics
We have experience in the design and monitoring of mining excavations and their support systems. This includes rock mechanics (superficial and underground), as well as geotechnical engineering:

  • Determination of the optimal sequence of ore extraction and stripping.
  • Evaluation of the quality of the rock mass.
  • Evaluation of the impact of geological structures on the rock mass and determination of solutions.
  • Determination of failure mechanisms by rockburst, rockfall and fault analysis.
  • Selection of the mining method, production planning and scheduling.
  • Rockburst capacity and control assessments.
  • Excavation design and tunnel support systems, including pillar optimization.
  • Quantification of geotechnical risk and optimization of tunnel design.

Mining Economics and Valuation
The economics and valorization of mines are an integral part of each phase in the ‘Mining Value Chain’. Our services include:

  • Technical-economic audits.
  • Multi-disciplinary Due Diligence.
  • Development of mining management procedures (legal compliance).
  • Design of mine management systems.
  • Economic calculations (limit by levels).
  • Cost baseline estimate.
  • Estimation of reserves.
  • Financial simulation including cash flow valuation (NPV).
  • Financial analysis and risk assessment.

Mining Infrastructure

  • Mine shafts: vertical and inclined.
  • Mine lifting equipment.
  • Fans, mine ventilation.
  • Compression plants.
  • Electrical substations.
  • Refrigeration plants.
  • Material handling systems.
  • Pumping systems.
  • Emergency electrical stations.
  • IT and control systems.
  • Security, Closed Circuit TV.
  • Access control, service systems.
  • Telecommunications systems.